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About Us

1-954-938-1980 , skype: jerry.frederick


Zeus Appraisals and Valuations

Specializing in: Corporate and Commercial Aircraft, Engines, GSE, Vehicles, Tooling and Inventories

Jerry Frederick - Accredited Senior Appraiser, ASA

Richard Hidir - Accredited Senior Appraiser, ASA


Who We Are

 Jerry Frederick - Principal, Accredited Senior Appraiser, ASA

Zeus JerryJerry ASA SmallSince 1987, Mr. Frederick has been involved in every aspect of aviation sales, information, and management. While in college Mr. Frederick developed a least cost routing algorithm for Metromedia, the predecessor of MCI / WorldCom. Immediately afterward he starting work at aviation information technology startup General DataMax, Mr. Frederick was instrumental in a request for proposal from Boeing to develop a format for their forthcoming Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) on Optical Drive. He worked on a proprietary algorithm that used a vector format for images saving 90% of the disk space over a raster format. Moving to IASG in the late 1980’s, Mr. Frederick worked in all aspects of the organization, from financial controller to administrative and operations management. While at IASG he developed one of the first inventory bar code systems for aviation parts using off the shelf Intermec equipment. He wrote and developed one of the first Windows based Inventory management software systems Automated Aviation Material Management (AAMM/AARM), in Superbase and subsequently migrated it to the first version of Microsoft Access in 1992. This program is still in use today at several aviation aftermarket companies. He was instrumental in the modification and customization of SYMEX for a commercial heavy check facility. The software featured a barcode system for all labor and materials. The system supported a workforce of over 100 mechanics and tracked both productive and nonproductive time. Mr. Frederick developed a material clearinghouse system for the industrial power generation industry. The system,, enabled the IPG industry to pool and list items available for sale or lease worldwide. Mr. Frederick developed customized database tools for Starman Auction Services which enabled the capture of auction pricing on machinery, equipment, tools, and parts. He created an Internet alternative to the ILS in 1995, Internet Parts Locator Systems (IPLS). He rewrote the C.A.S.E. database for the world’s major airlines that allows quality control personnel from around the globe to pool their resources, saving the industry millions of dollars a year. Mr. Frederick has completed all requirements and is an Accredited Senior Appraiser, ASA.


Richard Hidir - Accredited Senior Appraiser, ASA

Zeus RickMr. Hidir began his RH ASA 2017 640aviation career in 1990 when he joined International Airline Support Group. Shortly after joining International Airline Support Group, Richard helped to rein in an out of control inventory system by working with inventory control personnel to completely reconfigure the existing system. He was instrumental in the IS management of an FBO, working closely with management to create reports and make software changes that streamlined the process of recording productive and non-productive time. When the FBO was caught in the liquidity trap of 2001 he took on the task of working with creditors in a non bankruptcy scenario, allocating the remaining funds to pay off debt at 52 cents on the dollar. Richard was in charge of a recertification effort of a large Texas based aviation inventory. This process used a custom program to manage the work of four DAR’s for a period of nine months and successfully recertified over 40,000 parts. After the successful wind down of International Airline Support in 2003 Richard became a key component of Av Sales Group and is involved in every aspect of the organization. Most recently he developed an automated ILS quoting component that saves the organization hundreds of hours each month. Mr. Hidir has completed his education requirements and is now an Accredited Senior Appraiser, ASA.


Robert Gallagher - Accredited Senior Appraiser, ASA, ISTAT, NBAA


Mr. Gallagher has over forty years of experience in the commercial aviation industry, holding senior level positions at airlines, leasing companies, manufacturers, repair facilities and parts distributors. Presently Bob handles appraisal and consulting projects in which the company is involved. Mr. Gallagher holds a Bachelor of Science from the City University of New York, a Master of Arts in Technical Education from New York University, and a Post Masters Certificate in Aviation Management from Dowling College. He also holds an FAA Airframe and Powerplant certificate, FAA Designated Mechanical Examiners Certificate, a New York City Aviation Maintenance Teachers License, and various industry aircraft specific course certificates. Bob is a member of the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading, Society of Automotive Engineers (Aerospace) and the Professional Aviation Maintenance. Mr. Gallagher is a Senior ASA and ISTAT Appraiser. Mr. Gallagher began operations in the leasing, technical representation and servicer business in 1994 providing consulting in the form of maintenance management and on-site representation for airlines, asset owners and lenders. He worked for the secured creditors of TWA, World Air Lease, GMAC, IASG, Tower Airlines, and Pegasus / ART. He provided “expert witness” services for various cases and clients including the United States Justice Department as well as the Internal Revenue Service. Mr. Gallagher provided research and technical documentation in international settings related to the leasing, maintenance and repossession of aircraft assets. Additionally he developed a comprehensive network of asset managers who have extensive careers in the aerospace industry and average at least 30 active years in airlines and leasing companies worldwide.


Neil Whitehouse -  Senior ISTAT Appraiser


Mr. Whitehouse is a new York commercial aviation consulting and appraisal sprecialist. He has over 40 years commercial aviation experience in airline operations and fleet planning, as an aircraft leasing executive, as an aircraft and simulator appraiser and for over 25 years a litigation expert on aviation asset values and associated commercial matters in U.S. and international courts and tribunals. Mr. Whitehouse attained Appraiser status with the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (“ISTAT”) in 1993 and Senior Appraiser status in 1996, and has served on the ISTAT Appraisal Program International Board of Governors. Mr. Whitehouse has been appraising flight simulation devices since the year 2000. Mr. Whitehouse has been President of Ariel Aviation, Inc., since 1998. Previously he was Senior Vice President, C-S Aviation, a George Soros aircraft operating leasing entity. Mr. Whitehouse was Vice President Asset Valuation at Avitas; Vice President Market Development at GPA Group; Fleet Planner for Emery Worldwide, Transportation Industry Analyst at the U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board and European Operations Representative for World Airways. Mr. Whitehouse holds a Master of Public Administration, from the Graduate School of Public & International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh, and a  B.A. Summa Cum Laude Political Science with a minor in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh College of Arts & Sciences.


Douglas Blalock - Marketing Director, Business Appraiser

DougBlalockMr. Blalock, after graduating from Embery Riddle University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Aviation Administration, joined Marathon Battery. Mr. Blalock is a principal of Zeus AV. Mr. Blalock was most recently the principal of Bayview Aviation an aftermarket supplier of aircraft rotable / expendable parts, engines and aircraft. The company held one of the world's largest EMB-120 inventories, as well as ERJ 135 / 145, ATR, B1900, and F100 aircraft types. Bayview managed rotable parts repairs and Aircraft "Check" maintenance requirements for several overseas customers. Previously Mr. Blalock worked as the Senior Vice President of Sales for International Airline support Group, Inc. (IASG), a publicly traded multifaceted aviation aftermarket company. While in place Mr. Blalock was instrumental in adding several aircraft types to the rotable inventory to expand I.A.S.G. in the parts market including Airbus and regional aircraft. He created the Regional Aircraft support / sales department and opened warehouse facilities in Amsterdam and sales personnel in Amsterdam and Paris. He helped purchase Luxair's entire EMB-120 inventory and secured long term consignments from two large Regional Commuter airlines.


The principals of Zeus aviation have decades of experience in aviation.  For the last 28 years their involvment with commecial and regional aviation has run the gamut.  From a full service aftermarket supplier of commercial aircraft parts, to an FAA 145 Repair Station, to an FBO.  Within the aviation arena we have seen it. 

Our Previous Work

Over the years we have developed opinions of values on over 200 aviation parts companies, this is in addition to business evaluations, aircraft and engine reviews, slot and gate valuations, and forward looking business case evaluations.  Using our database of values we are well positioned to provide an unbiased and competent report the first time, every time.See Examples

Experience Matters

The principals of Zeus AV have seen it  before.  Being involved in every aspect of aviation has provided a unique perspective not available to most other appraisers.  Each of us, for the last 30 years have been involved in every aspect of the aviation food chain. 
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Where We Are Located

We look forward to serving you.

  1240 North Jefferson Street, Monticello Florida 32344



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